Wooden Triple Bunk Bed with Table and Drawer, Full Over Twin & Twin Bunk Bed Frame with Full-Length Guardrails and Ladder for Kids, Teens, Adults, Space Saving, No Box Spring Needed, Gray

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This bunk bed features three beds in one, truly a space-saver. With a full size bed on top and two twin size beds underneath, this bed is ideal for accommodating guests and sleepovers, and also perfect for family with multiple members. The drawer between beds is available for storage and the down bed is 11" off the floor, so there’s spacious space under the down beds, you can use it to store your stuff. The top bed is equipped with full-length guardrail, keeping user’s safe from falling. Coming with great quality and multiple function, this bed will be the best addition to your bedroom.


Product: Triple Bunk Bed

Color: Gray

Material: Pine wood+MDF

Size: Full Over Twin & Twin

Decoration: With drawer

Numbers of package: 3

Spring box: No need

Assembly required: Yes

Dimensions & Weight:

Overall Size: 99.4''L*80''W*70''H

Upper bed: 53.3''x 95.6''

Down bed: 39.2''x 76''

Total height: 70''

Number of Slats: 14pcs

Overall Product Weight: 229lb

Upper bed weight capability: 400lb

Down bed weight capability: 400lb

Top bed recommended mattress thickness: 6''

Down bed recommended mattress thickness: 8-10''

Kind Reminder: Product pictures are for reference only. Real product' s color may be a little different from the image due to the lighting or monitor’s display. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to make you satisfied.

  • [Triple Bed with 1 Drawer]The drawer between beds is available for storage and the down bed is 11" off the floor, so there's spacious space under the down beds, you can use it to store your stuff.

  • [Space Saving Design]This bunk bed features three beds in one, truly a space-saver. With a full size bed on top and two twin size beds underneath, this bed is ideal for accommodating guests and sleepovers, and also perfect for family with multiple kids.

  • [Reliable Safety Design] The full-length guardrails of the upper bed are equipped to protect your kids from accidental falls to keep them safe and secure during sleep. The angled ladder makes it easy for children to climb up and down from the upper bed.

  • [Sturdy and Durable]Crafted with pine wood frame, this triple bed is sturdy and solid. no box spring is needed. Weight capacity of upper bed: 400 lbs; Weight capacity of lower bed: 400 lbs.

  • [Dimensions]Overall Product Dimension: 99.4"L x 80"W x 70"H. Upper bed: 95.6 " x 53.3 "; Lower bed: 76 " x 39.2 ". Mattress not included. Note: This bunk bed comes in 3 boxes and may not be delivered at the same time. If you only receive part of it, please wait patiently or contact us. Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

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  • user2

    Great value for the price!

    Beautiful bunk bed. Priced very reasonable! My husband and I were able to assemble the bed very easily. Only complaint I have is- I paid over $500 for the bunk bed with slide but a few days later they dropped the price to $400. I wasnt really too pleased about that. Other than that- my girls love the bed and its beautiful!

  • user2

    Great bunk bed at even better price.

    We had been on the hunt for a bunk bed for our two youngest (3YO and 1YO) for quite some time. Unfortunately, many were priced quite high for something that we would only get temporary use out of. Thankfully, we found this bunk bed and jumped on it. Assembly - My husband assembled the majority of it on his own. I just came in for the last twenty minutes or so to hold the major sections for him. Durability - The bed feels very sturdy. It helps that the top bunk is supported by a metal bar. This bar helps to ease any concerns that I may have about the top bunk falling on our youngest. I can climb up there as well to put on sheets/take them off, etc. The angle of the ladder is excellent as it makes it easier to climb up. My 1YO can climb up easily. Were still working on climbing down.

  • user2

    Solid bunk bed. Some flaws, but good price.

    The top bunk rail could be higher to make it safer for little ones that toss and turn at night. We got 9.5 mattresses. That leaves less than a 5 rail on the top bunk. I didnt think to check that till afterwards. I prob wouldve looked for thinner mattresses. It also takes away from the space between the beds. The lower person doesnt have much room for sitting up. Just takes some getting used to. My 3 yo banged her head really bad the first time in there .maybe she learned but I do wish it had more space. Theres a ton of space under the bed that could have been utilized since theres no trundle or storage, although you can do your own storage but I see it as a waist of space when theyre so close together. Theres a few marks on the wood that are flawed like damaged spots (not enough to return the whole thing). All that and my husband had to take it apart and redo a couple things because of the directions lacking info. It is solid and it is cheaper than most bunks so its still a good purchase.

  • user2

    Excellent quality.

    Great value for the price. It does take some time to assemble, but the end product makes it so worth it. The kids love it. I would recommend ordering.

  • user2

    Nice looking bed, brutal assembly process

    Id readily spend $100 more plus $30 shipping if they prebuilt the headboards, and slats on this bunk bed. It took me 4 hours to unpack and build the unit. I was able to build it by myself. The tolerances on some of the pocket holes for the barrel nut/bolt assemblies was not up to modern standards. I ended up drilling two of them out for better alignment and accidentally drilled through the one frame rail. needs to hire an industrial designer or engineer to show them how knocked down furniture should be designed and assembled. fell down by only shipping one box (box 1 of 2), then making me return that box so they could ship me the proper two boxes. The boxes weigh a ton, maybe thats why box 2 didnt show up the first time. did process my return and deliver the second bed box set in a rapid manner, and they picked up my return promptly - I just had to leave it on the front porch and be home when they picked it up. Not too much hassle. The bed looks great. Its huge. I should have maybe gotten the twin instead of full, as the bed fills the room and the ceiling fan is really close to the upper bunk - I need a bigger house lol. Bed seems sturdy. Im happy with the bed, though still need to get mattresses for it. I bought a Thuma bed for 2x the cost that took me 5 mins to put together and will be easy to move. This double decker bed will take a day to disassemble when I move but maybe Ill forget how hard it was to assemble by then. I would do the following design changes (Im a designer btw, like for real): 1) connect all the slats like Thuma does with a fabric strap so we just lay them down and secure to bed 2) pre make the headboards in China or wherever its made and ship assembled 3) eliminate styrofoam packaging, doesnt need styrofoam 4) enlarge hole for USB cord, was a pain to thread the plug through 5) make the bed easier for disassembly, no way will lower or upper half fit thru door when we move 6) barrel nuts and bolts need better tolerance, look at how joins components and emulate them Overall its a solid bed at a good price that we will likely enjoy/fits the bill. With some thoughtful improvements it could be a game changer. Makes me want to design a better bunk bed.

  • user2

    Excellent bed but very complicated to fix

    The bed is super sturdy and built like a tank. But its very complicated to fix. Small miss and you maybe back to starting all over again. Instructions arent very detailed or explained. And wish the supporting beams are stronger and more was provided for the bottom bed. Cannot defnetly recommend for any big adults sleeping on it.

  • user2

    Excellent product.

    I bought this expecting to be disappointed. I was wrong. It was easy to put together. Its not heavy. Its VERY sturdy. It doesnt take up much space and its great for small children. I have a 2 year old on the bottom and a 4 year old on the top. They fell in love with it AS SOON as it was completed. I gave it 5 stars because of my needs for the product. Its perfect for what I need. I do have one complaint! The ladder is cheap and completely vertical. My 4 year old can use it but complained. He was uncomfortable getting down using it. The 2 year old loves to climb and climbs into a 6 foot playhouse with ease using a slanted ladder. He could not climb this ladder on the bed. I was uncomfortable with him attempting to climb it as well. So I build the stairs in the corner for them to get up and down safely out of 2x6 lumber. The ladder is my only complaint. Well worth the purchase if you can add an additional stair/ladder for the upper bunk.

  • user2

    Corel is hard to deal with

    One of the bolts and a lock were missing. Beware, this outfit will jerk you around. Now, they dont want to send the missing parts without me paying more. We already disposed of the box or I would dismantle it and send it back.

  • user2

    I cant sum this up yet. I only got box 2 of 2 nor 1 of 2

    I haven used it. The order hasnt been completed

  • user2

    Easy to Assemble

    Fast and easy not to high good for my two young ones

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